Our Mission

Our mission is to increase the impact of nonprofits working to promote social and environmental change by providing them with access to cost-effective and efficient information technology tools.

Our Philosophy

Information technology is a necessary tool that is underutilized in the nonprofit world for many reasons — the greatest barriers being access and economic resources. While many vendors now reach out to nonprofits with generous donation programs, the cost and scope of actually implementing an effective technology infrastructure and staff often seems too daunting for many organizations to consider.

To address this long-standing problem, Cross the Divide has created a robust technology infrastructure located in twin world-class data centers employing industry-leading best practices and technologies. By taking advantage of this highly redundant and scalable infrastructure, nonprofits of all sizes can now afford their own feature-rich yet user-friendly suite of technology tools. Our service includes on-demand access to high-level IT staff as well as dedicated, friendly technical support for all staff. We envision a world where technology is no longer a luxury in the nonprofit sector, but an assumed and expected part of a nonprofit organization’s efforts towards change.

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Our Team

Wesley Lazara, Founder and President
Wes has over 16 years of experience developing IT solutions with NPOs and educational institutions.  He specializes in designing robust but affordable system and networking solutions designed to bring stability, security, and scalability to organizations of all stripes.  

Jarett Fong, VP of Business & Operations Jarett has over 15 year of IT experience, focusing on program management and process efficiency. He previously worked for 20th Century Fox, Farmers Insurance, and PwC. He has spent over 7 years managing large scale, global IT projects including custom/packaged/mobile applications, B2B/B2C websites, and business strategy/process improvement.

Trevor Gregg, Senior Systems Administrator
Trevor has a wealth of IT experience from a number of different environments including Cisco Systems and the County of Alameda.

Daniel Hanlan, Systems Administrator
Daniel has 14 years of experience in information systems servicing corporations both large and small. He’s previously worked with helping to scale all aspects of IT infrastructure for companies in the Accounting and Commercial Loan industries.

Jenny Phan, Help Desk Team Lead
Jenny has years of experience as a consultant focused on the small business sector. She previously worked at Wave Magazine where she handled IT and Operations support and process management.

Joel Heller, IT Help Desk Analyst
Joel has over 8 years of customer focused IT support experience in a wide variety of industries including Corporate and Retail.

Mike Blodgett, IT Help Desk Analyst
Mike has over 15 years of experience in the information technology and education fields. A former Geek Squad agent and math teacher, Mike’s specialties include system building, small office networking, and digital forensics.

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